Scream in Emptiness (2011) + bonus track

by Antropophobia

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Christina Metal So completely underrated. This whole album is amazing. It takes you to a grim hopeless place and leaves you wanting more. Favorite track: Beauty of Chaos (instrumental).
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The debut album from a single-man band. Antropophobia music combines several different styles: atmospheric black, depressive black, dark metal, and doom metal, while the author itself characterizes band genre as luciferian dark metal.The main idea behind this project is the essence of worries about unseasonableness, social misunderstanding, fall of ideals which turn to thoughts about unearthly beauty
The issue includes a CD-R with professional printing, a booklet, a flyer and a hand-numbered certificate with unique copy number (edition is limited to 100 copies). It is packed in a mini-LP-sleeve of solid cardboard with original Art of Silence series appearance.

Mastered, Written and Produced by the author and performer Dmitry Konovalov


released June 20, 2011



all rights reserved


Antropophobia Kursk, Russia

Antropophobia is one-man-band consisting of the only musician, whose name is Julian Dmitry K. In this project, he sings and plays all musical instruments. His music combines several styles - Atmospheric Black, Depressive Black, Dark Metal, Doom Metal. The author generally comes up with the genre name Luciferian Dark Metal. ... more

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Track Name: Anthropophobia (Thoughts of an Angel)
Thoughts of an angel,
Who's wander in darkness...

Torned by a dream and locked up
You're sentensed to death it's your trap.
You're like the saint perfect mind
But it hurts, cause people are blind/

Thoughts of an angel,
Who's wander in darkness
Flying across the chaotic cold space
One of mad strangers,
The insane and loveless
It is your own your marvelous rase.

Fear and cold are like crying
Light scares you anyway
Being among of denying
You wanna get it away.

You're gonna die in the crowd
Here yor life's painful caugh
Under the look of amounts
Which want to make your truth off
Track Name: Lucifer's Scream
I'm falling down
Disturbed and left alone
Pieces of my star
Broken down in the dark
Don't you feel
The taste of trouble?
The pain behind you back
And lie is all around

Lie! Lie is all around!

Scream of pain
Is tearing flesh apart
I could feel
It so deeply
When I saw
This Light
Light in the night
Has become mine forever
Track Name: Suicide of Genius
Everything I use to belive Has turned into ashes
And I mute for all I have around
All my ways are blocked with fear
I want to die cause people hurt me here

So I have to close my eyes
When leaving this world
Without love, truth and pureness
Oh Lucifer I pray:
Take me with you into eternity
Whitch is beautiful and pure

Don't Let me down like it have been before
I pray to keep me out of this horrow
To be born! I only dream about being free
To merge the pure and beautyful degree

Am I guilty for developing my gift my sences
So that every evil tought
Don't bring me down and depressed so much
And only the cold grave is able now to heal

Painful..for me
It so painful for me
Track Name: Scream in Emptiness
When I can't do anything
All the ways are closed so I seek an escape
I've known and I've felt the deity within
But he's crying and he's fallin' down

I'm a victim and outcast
transparent as some shadow
I cry out them notice me
But I scream in Emptiness..Emptiness

When a Divinity weeps within me
cold solitude comes
When a god weeps within me
I'm silence, I'm emptiness

Reality tears me apart
as some bound fiend,
what's demanding his lost freedom
but I scream in emptiness...over again
Track Name: Light Kills
I don't wish to see the light
It burns me
I cannot revive to be again bright
It kills me...kills me

Light blinds!
Deceit lights!
I want to kill the sun
Which kindles my pain

I have come to tell you
I die here
I'm hurt,because God watches me
Take me away at this night!